TrustedHousesitters—the app I was using when I was refused entry to the US—won’t update their advice for international house sitting.

The company stands by that it’s okay to house sit on a tourist-type visa (e.g. ESTA) because they “don’t regard house sitting as work”.

Paying members risk being deported from whichever country they’re travelling to unless they’ve got WORK visa.

Hi. I’m Madolline.
And I’m seeing the world One cat at a time

Writing & other work

I’m not just a travelling house and cat sitter, I also write. My writing has been published on several websites and in magazines, and I love sharing my story with others. If you’d like to work together to produce some more cat- or travel-related content, please send me a message.

House sitting isn’t a paid job

The house and cat sitting ‘jobs’ I take on are not paid. As I have said before—and will continue to say—the only form of paid employment I have is a Monday to Friday job back home in Australia. The house sitting websites I use help make holidaying more affordable and that means I can travel more often than most people do. It’s as simple as that.