TrustedHousesitters—the app I was using when I was refused entry to the US—won’t update their advice for international house sitting.

The company continues to say it’s OK for their paying members to house sit on a tourist-type visa (e.g. ESTA) because they “don’t regard house sitting as work”.

In their opinion, what happened to me was all a “misunderstanding” because US immigration didn’t get “the concept of house sitting”.

Hi. I’m Madolline.
And I’m seeing the world One cat at a time

Writing & other work

I’m not just a travelling house and cat sitter, I also write. My writing has been published on several websites and in magazines, and I love sharing my story with others. If you’d like to work together to produce some more cat- or travel-related content, please send me a message.

House sitting isn’t paid (or a job)

The house and cat sitting ‘jobs’ I take on are not paid. As I have said before—and will continue to say—the only form of paid employment I have is a Monday to Friday job back home in Australia. The house sitting websites I use help make holidaying more affordable and that means I can travel more often than most people do. It’s as simple as that.