Two other TrustedHousesitters members (person 1, person 2) have been refused entry to the US within the last few months.

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Visas & immigration

Please consult an immigration lawyer before using TrustedHousesitters internationally or you could be refused entry to/deported from the country you’ve secured a house sit in. Your tourist visa—or ESTA if you’re visiting the USA—will be cancelled and you may be banned from re-entering that country indefinitely. Unpaid house sitting might be permitted on some tourist visas, but it’s not something visitors to the US and UK can engage in.

Remember: Don’t take TrustedHousesitters’ word for it when they say “we don’t regard house sitting as work”. TrustedHousesitters’ opinion of what does and doesn’t constitute ‘work’ is irrelevant when it’s your turn to have your passport stamped.