I am in Canada with/on an open work permit, and am available to house and cat sit from the end of May 2024. Please send me a message if you’d like me to look after your home and cat(s).

Hi. My name’s Madolline.

And I’m seeing the world One cat at a time.

Visas & immigration

Most of us think it’s fine to house sit in a foreign country because we’re not being paid, right? Wrong. Unpaid house and pet sitting is considered work in the US and UK, and requires the visitor to have a work visa. Please consult an immigration lawyer before using TrustedHousesitters internationally or you could end up being refused entry to/deported from the country you’ve secured a house sit in. Your tourist visa—or ESTA if you’re a citizen of a participating country visiting the USA for less than three months—will be cancelled and you may be banned from re-entering that country.

Remember: Don’t take TrustedHousesitters’ word for it when they say “we don’t regard house sitting as work”. TrustedHousesitters’ opinion of what does and doesn’t constitute ‘work’ is irrelevant at international borders.