Several TrustedHousesitters members have been refused entry to the US within the last few months. One of them was a 67-year-old retired nurse.

Members have also had problems in Canada and across the UK. Read more of these TrustedHousesitters horror stories over on Reddit.

Hi. My name’s Madolline.

And I’m seeing the world One cat at a time.


Here’s some kind things people have written about my house and cat sitting efforts. You’ll find even more reviews on my TrustedHousesitters and joint House Sitters Canada/Aussie House Sitters/House Sitters America profiles.

Holly & Adam: Toronto, Canada

For the record, Henry forgot who we were for a little while when we first got home, so I think you made a big impression on him.

You’ve set the bar pretty high for next time we need a pet sitter.

Deb: Melbourne, Australia

Cannot rate Maddy highly enough. Her communication was wonderful, we received regular photo updates of Willow. She was wonderful and we’d love to have her house sit for us again.

Julien & Ariane: Sydney, Australia

Madolline sat our apartment and Pixel for 10 days over Easter. She has been an absolute legend starting with moving her flight 2 days earlier to make sure she could travel to NSW (during a COVID outbreak in Brisbane). The communication from the beginning has been perfect and flawless. We were very pleased to receive many photos of Pixel during our holidays. We could see she was taking the best care of him and that he was having a blast. We came back to a sparkling clean apartment and a happy cat! We would not hesitate to have Madolline come back for future sits and cannot recommend her enough.

Melinda: Seattle, USA

Maddie communicated well and promptly from the beginning, was completely respectful of our things and privacy, took great care of our place (garden, house) and 2 old, lovey cats so well we could tell they’d all been paid tons of attention. She sent terrific pics of them while we were gone, and has kept in touch since she left so we’ve gotten to watch her travels. She loves where she goes: explores and relishes each place in ways that show her zest and curiosity. She has our wholehearted endorsement, and when the time comes to find new cats (since our sweeties have both died), she will be the first person we contact.

Kim: Washington, D.C., USA

Maddy was a wonderful house sitter! She took care to match her travel plans with mine, and was lovely to meet (if only for a short while before I left). Maddy took excellent care of my shy kitty, and made sure to send along lots of photos of her while I was gone. Upon my return, everything was spotlessly clean, and Maddy had washed my towels and sheets and remade the bed. I highly recommend Maddy as a house sitter to anyone going out of town!