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Cat sitting closer to home

Cat sitting closer to home

House and cat sitting in your city/town is probably a great way to start out. You’ll get some ‘experience’ and hopefully a five-star review. But it wasn’t until May 2019, after completing 11 sits in the United States, that I accepted an invitation for an overnight sit in Brisbane.

Pre-October 2019

The Brisbane couple own a one-bedroom cottage in Paddington and have a one-year-old Ragdoll. His name is Kush Kush. Well, actually, his name is Pudding now. But it was Kush Kush when I first looked after him in May. The couple adopted him nearly a year ago after their other Ragdoll, Charlie, passed away. These guys originally reached out to me before Charlie died, but I was cat sitting in East Boston at the time. I’d never been fussed on the idea of house sitting in Brisbane. It was more of a holiday thing for me. But I’m glad they kept my details. Paddington is one Brisbane suburb I’d happily house sit in. And their offer was even more appealing because they owned a Ragdoll.

A few weeks back, the same couple reached out again via TrustedHousesitters. They asked if I was free to look after Kush Kush (he’s still Kush Kush (or Kushy) to me) in mid-October. But for two nights this time. I was very much available to look after Kushy a second time.


When I went to meet the couple on Friday afternoon, they mentioned they’re planning an overseas trip next year and asked if I’d be interested in a substantially longer sit. The dates aren’t set, but they said they’d get back to me ASAP because they seem to think I’m quite popular. They were also keen to hear about my last house and cat sitting holiday. They knew about the trip because they’d messaged me while I was looking after Nancy and Griffin in Nashville.

Kush Kush was out in the garden when I arrived. He’d almost doubled in size (weight) since I saw him last. But he was just as cute. The couple now had a cat flap built into the back door to give him easy access to the garden, but they had to tape the flap up because he refused to use it otherwise. Even with some adjustments, he still seems to struggle with it. He just fits through. And he much prefers to meow at the door to be let back inside.

Sunday morning came around pretty quickly and it was time to start packing up. Bed stripped, dishes washed, bins emptied, cat fed. But where was Kush Kush? I wanted to bring him inside before I left. This is the second time I’ve been ready to leave and the cat’s nowhere to be seen. It happened the other week with my friends’ cat, Dorian. After a few looks in the garden and shaking Kushy’s box of treats, I wandered around the side. Again. I lifted up a tarp. Still no Kushy. But he must have been nearby because started to meow. Thank God. I grabbed him and locked the door behind me. I messaged the couple to let them know I was heading off and to contact me if they had any problems/concerns when they got home. “Many thanks for looking after Puddo and the cottage. See you next time,” was the reply.

Next stop

Next week I’m off to Tasmania. I’ll be staying in Hobart for a few nights before driving to Launceston for a 10-day house and cat sit.

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