Hi. I’m Madolline.
And I’m seeing the world One cat at a time


All views are my own.

I have a fulltime contract job in Brisbane, Australia, and travel as a house and cat sitter to make my holidays more affordable.

How the house sitting thing works

I’m not paid to house and cat sit, and I pay for my travel to and from the owner’s location. This includes my airfare as well as transport costs from the airport, or train or bus station.

Sits are found online through various house sitting websites where owners can view my profile and rating before deciding if I’m a good fit for them. I’m not affiliated with any of these websites, I just like to use them.

I obtain the relevant authorisation (e.g. ESTA) before travelling and abide by its conditions while I’m visiting.

Even though I share photos of people’s cats and snippets about their homes, I do not publish any personally identifiable information.