TrustedHousesitters—the app I was using when I was refused entry to the US—won’t update their advice for international house sitting.

The company stands by that it’s okay to house sit on a tourist-type visa (e.g. ESTA) because they “don’t regard house sitting as work”.

Paying members risk being deported from whichever country they’re travelling to unless they’ve got WORK visa.

Hi. I’m Madolline.
And I’m seeing the world One cat at a time


I write and produce all content on One cat at a time, and all views expressed are my own.

Some of the stories you may have read about my house and cat sitting adventures mightn’t be entirely accurate, and are almost always thirdhand accounts. Stories are often reproduced without the journalist contacting me for comment and some particulars tend to get misreported on because of this. Please message me if you’d like further clarification on anything you’ve read—I’m happy to answer your questions.

How the house sitting thing works

Sits are found through house sitting websites where owners can view my profile and rating before deciding if I’m a good fit for them. I can respond to a person’s ad or they may choose to reach out to me without posting.

I’m not affiliated with any of the websites I use and I pay for each membership I have. Sometimes I may have enough rewards points/dollars to renew my membership without incurring a cost, but my membership is never ‘gifted’.

It’s not paid

I’m not paid to house and cat sit. Accepting cash payment goes against the terms and conditions stipulated on the house sitting websites I use. I’m not employed by any of these house sitting companies nor do I receive money for spruiking the benefits of using them. I have never signed a contract prior to undertaking a house and cat sit, and none of the people I’ve sat for have my bank details. I pay for all my travel costs (e.g. flights, bus and train fares) to and from the owner’s location, but I’m happy to accept a ride from the airport if it’s offered.