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There’s a lot of house sitting websites out there. And like anything, some of these sites are great. Then there’s the not so great ones. Membership fees vary and so, too, does the usability of each site. But if you’ve been toying with the idea of signing up to one of—or several—house sitting websites, here are some things that might make the decision easier.


TrustedHousesitters was the first house sitting website I came across. It’s also my favourite. TrustedHousesitters has listings for anywhere you can think of. And unlike House Sitters America and Aussie House Sitters, TrustedHousesitters isn’t country-specific.

Points of difference

  • New members can ask employers, friends and family to leave character references on their profile to reassure homeowners they’re a decent human.
    • If you use other sites for sits, you can ask the owner to leave you a REFERENCE after the sit is finished. Their reference won’t affect your TrustedHousesitters star rating.
  • Homeowners must complete a ‘Welcome guide’ for their sitter. This is a big winner in my eyes and it’s what sets TrustedHousesitters apart. It covers every possible thing about the property and their pet(s).
  • TrustedHousesitters has an app.
    • The app sends you a notification when a property matching your saved search criteria goes up.
  • You’ll be rated on your organisation skills, reliability, self-sufficiency, tidiness and pet care. Your overall rating is then determined by the average score you received across all the categories.
  • The TrustedHousesitters website looks a lot more modern and less cluttered, and is easier to navigate, than some of the other house sitting websites.
  • They’ve got a big social media presence and they’re quick to respond. They’re also big on sharing members’ stories.

The only downside is their membership fee is the most expensive of the lot. $99 AUD/year for sitters.

Aussie House Sitters

I only signed up to Aussie House Sitters recently. Mainly because I wasn’t fussed on house sitting within Australia. That was until I saw an ad for a home in Launceston. Aussie House Sitters—as you’d expect—has more Australian sits than anyone else. Home/pet owners can sign up for free whereas sitters must pay, but Aussie House Sitters isn’t the only site that does this.

Points of difference

  • You can import your reviews from their sister sites (House Sitters America, House Sitters Canada, etc.). I was able to bring my five-star review across from when I used House Sitters America in 2018.
  • Users are given a ‘reply rating’. This might help you work out why you haven’t received a response.
  • Search results can be refined by selecting properties:
    • near trains/trams, buses, supermarkets, etc.
    • with a pool
    • that allow you to bring your pet(s) along
    • where smoking is OK.
  • Owners can rate you on your garden care. This let me down recently. I only got four out of five stars for my garden care in Launceston.
  • People reach out to me quite a bit on Aussie House Sitters to see if I’m free to sit for them. This doesn’t happen much on the other sites.

Membership is $84 AUD/year.

House Sitters America

I had a one-year membership with House Sitters America, but haven’t renewed it yet. The website navigation and layout is pretty similar to Aussie House Sitters, but the colour scheme—or something I can’t quite put my finger on—makes the website look dated. They do, however, have a good range of sits all over the USA. I was able to get a week-long sit in Washington, D.C., through House Sitters America and often see sits I’d love to do (but can’t because of current work committments).

I just wish House Sitters America, Aussie House Sitters and their other websites had a combined membership covering all the countries. Otherwise a one-year House Sitters America membership costs $30 USD. Quite reasonable compared to other websites.


I used housecarers.com to secure a Christmas sit in Boulder, Colorado. This website has a lot of member only functionality I haven’t used before. I think the membership dashboard is a bit overwhelming, actually. You can search for sits based on country and/or by date, and you can refine the search by selecting a state or region.

An annual membership is $55 AUD. Homeowners can use housecarers.com for free.


I’ve got an active MindMyHouse membership, but I don’t check the website all that often. It’s not my favourite site, but it’s by no means bad. I was able to get a sit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in January and asked the owner to leave a reference on my TrustedHousesitters profile instead.

Points of difference

  • You can see how many times your profile has been viewed

Membership is $20 USD/year. It’s free for homeowners.


I don’t have a paid membership with Nomador. I did, however, sign up with them a few years back to take advantage of the three free applications they let you submit. You have to pay for a full membership after that. And I didn’t like Nomador enough to warrant paying to continue using it. The search functionality wasn’t great either.

Points of difference

  • Nomador lets people list their property as a stopover stay. This means travellers—or anyone—can stay with them for one night at no cost.


After joining the House Sitting World Facebook group, I’ve learned a lot of people find house sits through other Facebook groups (e.g. House & Pet Sitting Asia – Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Singapore and more). I’m not sure how I feel about securing a sit through Facebook. The house sitting websites give me a sense of security and I feel a lot more comfortable organising everything through them.

Discount: Save on membership fees

So now you know a bit more each of the house sitting sites I’ve used, these codes will save you a few dollars when you sign up or renew a membership.

Please let me know if these codes don’t work. I can issue you with a new one.


  1. Lorraine Conlan_Duffy

    Hi,we are members of a HomeExchange .com for years.we have lots of great reviews from that,also looked after pets for some.Would this suffice as references for when we join Trusted house sitters.would love to hear from you.Regards,Lorraine.

    • Madolline Gourley

      I think that’d be fine, Lorraine. Maybe just ask one or two of the pet owners to write something for you on your TrustedHousesitters profile, and/or link back to your Home Exchange reviews.

  2. grasya

    this is very useful.. once i travel again, i will definitely try these house sitting sites ^_^

  3. Tim Pyne

    Reads like an advert for Trusthousesitters. Be aware sitters …. this company takes your credit details for a years subscription then at year end without advising or the courteous of advising you, your c/c is raided of funds.


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