TrustedHousesitters—the app I was using when I was refused entry to the US—won’t update their advice for international house sitting.

The company continues to say it’s OK for their paying members to house sit on a tourist-type visa (e.g. ESTA) because they “don’t regard house sitting as work”.

In their opinion, what happened to me was all a “misunderstanding” because US immigration didn’t get “the concept of house sitting”.

Hi. I’m Madolline.
And I’m seeing the world One cat at a time


‘One cat at a time’ came about after several people I house and cat sat for said I should share my house sitting journey with the world. I wasn’t sure anyone would read what I wrote, but I ended up publishing my first post back in June 2019. The blog—if you haven’t worked it out—is predominantly focussed on my house and cat sitting experiences, but it also touches on some of the things I do during the sits.

The other stuff

While house and cat sitting for strangers has saved me tens of thousands of dollars on accommodation-related expenses, I still need money to pay for airfares. That means I spend the other, less exciting part of my life working a Monday to Friday job in Brisbane, Australia, putting money aside for my next adventure. The work I do is offered on a contractual basis meaning I don’t have a permanent position with any one company and I don’t take this work with me on my travels.